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Sunday, July 31, 2005

book store

OOPS, guess I forgot to mention that I already had a building in mind for the bookstore. And before I forget I think I have decided on the name, Meg you sort of put the thought in my head when you suggested Red Again. I felt that was to vague, concidering the area I will be in. So I am going with Read Again Books. I like the feel of that and you can pronounce it either way.
So about the building, it has old history, was the main bar in town for many years, has been used for other buisnesses {is that spelled right?} after the bar moved to another location. My sister and her husband bought the newer bar a few years ago and I guess this older building went with it. It has been used for storage and at present a Mission is using it to store some furniture and cloths in . It is located right on the highway thru town and very close to the main street. I have a brother who will help me with some renovations, nothing real major.It has a small kitchen and 2 bathrooms.May get rid on one to better utilize the room. So I have plenty of time to work on it as I won't be able to actually open it for 2 to 3 years. But can work on it when I am back there.Sort of a pay as I go, so when I open I won't have any expence except utilities and taxes. Want to make it bright and cheery, maybe put planter boxes along the front. Have to take out some of the windows, too many, as I need wall space not windows. Will put on new siding next year and maybe paint it a pretty shade of yellow. The new roofing will get done this year and it will be brown to match the building next door on one side. The building on the other side that faces the main street is a big rock building, was maybe a general store at one time, and is now an antique shop. Main street has a bank, small resturant, meuseum,fire dept,city hall and a couple other little shops and a vidio store. Small town. Has one no stoplights. Must have 30 churches though...
So I am talking small town. The little farm that we bought back last fall is just 3 miles out of town. I am really excited about this plan. It will be my semi-retirement. Now if I got the picture loaded, OK, you have to use your imagination to see it with new roof, yellow siding, flowerboxes full of geraniums, and only one set of windows, Prob. on the right. OK I have put my vision out there. They say don't share your dreams with anyone not supportive and I have found that to be true, so I am taking a chance. Hope you will see the potential that I see. Thanks for listening dc


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So, Aunt M got this building when she bought the tavern? How cool is that. If I didn't hate the heat so much, I'd move there. :)

Hippigirl said...

I think it is totally awesome we all have been trying for years to figure out what to do with that building I think it's going to perfect.I can't wait. I'll do anything I can to help out you just holler I'll srub floors paint I love to paint and lighting I know a good electriain well beside your brother anyhow anytrhing we can do help we are here for you!!!!