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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Catching up with daughter

Can't believieve the 3 days is over. Picked daughter up at airport late Fri. Tried to cram alot in to catch up on alot of missed time. I actually think we pretty much succeded. Sat went to Lake Tahoe, did a 2 mile hike around Spooner Lake, was beautiful, see her post for the naughtiness we got into at one casino. Cindy Later we looked at a million pictures, Sun, drove around town, breakfast out and played penny slots, more pictures and another hike, Mon. went to Va. City for the tourist thing. Spent alot of time playing on the computer, learned alot of things from that girl, she is very smart.Oh, I also gave her a tour of the brothals in the area, needed to keep this a well rounded tour. LOL In all it was time well spent. So glad I didn't miss this opportunity to have some quality girl time. Sorry we didn't get into any real trouble and no tats this time. Will save that treat and maybe plan a trip next year out to have it done in the best tatoo parlor in Salem. I hear there is a very good one there. So now I have to get "my big girl panties" on and get busy and get organized for my little trip to Mo. Take care all. dc Hugs to No. 1 daughter, thanks so much for spending the time with me. It means more than you can imagine.


marge said...

I am sooo jealous !!!!! but it won't be long till we will have you close by for awhile.I've only seen al twice. we all got togather last Sat and ate grilled ham and chicken at Rons. there were l6 of us there. missed you. it will be wonderful when John and Mary can move to Granby and you and Al will close by . when are you leaving for Granby ??? love and hugs

Sindy said...

You know I had the bestest time ever Mom.. Love ya gobs and tons and whatnot!

Hippigirl said...

I'm very happy for you I know how long you've waited for that quality time. It goes by so fast . Thanks for the pictures.I can't wait for you to get here too. I love you.Sam