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Friday, September 02, 2005

News from PrisneyLand

Well tonight was interesting, Had a power outage, so running on auxillary power. not sure yet what was the cause. Had an interesting incident with an inmate. remember my entry about my medical officer Pat. She is really cool. We were giving meds to one young guy and he said " my celly says he is going to commit suicide." Pat talked to the celly a few min, and we were going to just call the phycologist who was still at the facility to come evaluate him. But the first young man, said "can I talk to you in the hall." This is a little unusual to let one come out of the cell, but you could see he was scared. He said,"he's got a razor blade in his mouth." So we got some backup from the floor officers and by the time they got there Pat had talked the guy into giving her the razor blade, no fuss, then he was cuffed and taken to the mental health unit. Had it been a male officer I am sure they would have made a big deal and used force> you know we give them the razor blades! yea, the disposable ones, all they have to do is take the blade out.
Now on the scandel of the excape inmate, still loose, but did arrest our dental tech, and 2 other ex inmates in connection. As a results, security has been beefed up. I am waiting for my pat down. dang! You think they trust me?


Blither said...

Razerblade in the mouth.. Eww. Could he talk with it in there?

Rather morbid, that is the first question that comes to my mind, huh?

Sindy said...

Assume the position!.. and have a nice day Ma'am... :)

dc said...

blither, It is just the blade and they tuck it down along the outside of the lower molars. I have heard stories of other places that they hide them, but won't mention here. dc

addict said...

I was holding my breath the whole time reading about the cell out, for a sec I was worried about Pat... I'm glad that it all ended well :)

off center said...

I think ill just stick to driving a truck...cavity searches and pat downs arent my idea of a good day at work..hats off to you