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Saturday, September 03, 2005

I am so PO'd

Does anyone know how to make peach jam without all the sugar.??? I have screwed up 2 batches so far. They taste great but look bad. first one I used the surgel for "less sugar". Well it didn't set up so is more an icecream topping. The batch today was a receipt for sugarless, You use some splenda. It really tastes good but looks like Gerbers baby peaches. I know its the sugar that makes it clear and pretty, so maybe I am stuck. Anyone have an old receipt book for directions that don't call for 6 to 8 cups of sugar. I just can't go there. Might as well buy Smuckers! Well I have ranted enough. Still have lots of peaches to practice on. No sense putting alot in the freezer as we can't eat that many peaches in a year.
Had to work till 2 AM last nite, short staffed. Orienting a new nurse that in someways is so dumb blond. She has worked in a correction facility some time back and I asked her how many she had to give meds to, and her answer was "All of them" Oh, man. I am not kidding.


Anonymous said...
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addict said...

"All of them" ?!?

marge said...

dc, how did I find you here , just stumbled over it while crusing .great, now I can vent. where did this guy Brown from femma come from, mars !!!shur hope the first thing they do is kick his ass out.what a dummy . will write more now that I know where you are love to you and all

Blither said...

Heh.. Yeah, I"ll go with Addict on this one.. "All of them?!?" Wth??

As for the peach jam.. I'm no help to you. I suggest going out and buying a jar. :)