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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

sense of humor

Yesterday while on IM with my favorite daughter, we were having a good chuckle. As you may know from her blog, she is trying to get in touch with her dad to find out what has become of her brother the last few weeks, as he doesn't answer his phone or return e-mails, or IM. Anyway we were kidding that they all took a cruise or something. I said, well maybe the rapture happened and we got left behind, and C. said Well at least I won't miss my trip!(coming to Nv. to spend weekend with me this Fri.} I had to think a min. of how funny and how important this trip is. She does have a witty sense of humor that I love.

Had a nice little rain during the night, sage smells so good this morning. I still feel creepy checking the house out with a gun in my hand. Boy if anyone was here they would be sorry!!

Well the scales don't show any wt loss yet, but jeans feel looser, of course maybe its because I have worn them all week, you think?


Anonymous said...
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marge said...

I went to see Laua yesterday and she seems to be losing ground .I was sick as a dog all night , feels like the flu
. I don't feel to chatty today .I know cindy will have a great visit .I envey her . but we will see you soon;

Meg said...

Ok, I feel like the world's most clueless person.

I just figured out that you are C.'s mom. Doh!! *head desk*

*laughing at myself*

dc said...

Meg: As AC would say "come to the party" ha ha