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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Don't mess with momma

AC called from our "home" in Mo. Got there safe and sound. Said he was swatting crickets that had invaded the house. After a brief chat with him, I walked around with a big smile on my face, guess I really love that silly man. The house is so quiet with him and dog gone. But any pervs. out there, this old gal is following AC's instruction to the letter. My trusty 22 is in my hand when I come in the house and check things out!! God I hate guns! Now if I show up in Mo. with some missing toes it will be all his fault. Right?

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marge said...

Glad he got here ok. Mary called last night and said that laura was going to st. johns by by amb. she had fallen in the bathroom and said her back hurt alot. so wes and I went there . we got there the same time she did.and I got her registered in. they did a cat scan and found a compressed fracture. but didn't know if it was resent or not. after 2 hours the amb. took her back to Granby House. I will go there today and check on her .more later