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Friday, September 23, 2005

Full Moon?

I know the full moon is past but last nite at work sure felt like a REALY full moon. Had a lock down due to fight, had to send one out for sutures, then a bus load came in from the south and one guy was so sick, had to be taken to ER. That was 2 trips by custody to hosp in a couple hrs. Takes 2 guys to escort there, plus they had a 3rd, I don't know about. So we did unit to unit pill call due to short staffing. Had 2 die the day before. Just craziness going on.

Ready for my company, been shopping for lots of veggies for snacking. Getting off work an hr earlly to get to the airport. Gee, Reno on Fri nite with Street Vibrations going on, didn't plan this too well. Should be interesting.

Ya'all have a great weekend,{practicing my southern drawl here} dc


addict said...

You ladies have a blast!!!

addict said...

So... If Cindy talks you into getting a tattoo while she's there (you know she wants to get one with you!) Go to Sinful Skin in Reno, next to Piercing USA... They do wonderful work and are very clean!
Be sure to bring a camera :)

marge said...

have a blast !!! wish I was there .

Blither said...

Let me know how the weather is in Reno.. Damn windy in Vegas!

Blither said...

Oh.. And have a great time together! Tattoo's! Ooo Fun fun fun!!!!

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