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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Bye Bye for now.

Some things I learned this past week:

1. Don't go on a 2 mile hike around a mountain lake with a cup of coffee in your hand,
and no bathrooms till the end of the trail.

2. A mother knows what will make that special little gift for the little girl left at home: A sack of magic rocks, that are actually irregular shaped magnets that have a high gloss paint on them and in the shape of large pebbles.

3. My daughter and I have the same sarcastic sense of humor.

4. Love really knows no bounds.

5. Always, Always: the more you give, the more you receive

6. How to watch music videos on my computer.

7. How to add links to my post.

8. Slot machines only pay off to the other guy.

I will be out of commission for the next 3 weeks, Looking forward to closing on the book store I am buying, seeing my hubby that I miss very much, {well 2 weeks of missing} see my pooch, and spend time with grand daughters. Most likely will run into that daughter of mine again, and that will all be good. Got to slap some more paint too. I may find a computer to check in on the blogging world from time to time. God I can't believe how addicted I have become to this keyboard.


addict said...

I am really going to miss you!
Take lots of pictures and give everyone a pinch from me :)

Heather said...

It is a wonderful reason you are going to be gone... but okay... here is my 3 yr old bawl baby fit...



Have a good time sweety!! Many hugs and have a safe journey...

Your Iowa Friend....

marge said...

can't wait to see you.

Blither said...

Have a great time! Take care!

Sindy said...

Id say Im gonna miss you! but I know Ill be seeing you in a couple days! Lucky me!! Now enjoy YOUR journey! hugs!