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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A little serendipity

Tonight at work, my medical officer that I have talked about, Pat, brought up a subject. Now we have never talked about this topic, but on her day off yesterday she said she stopped into this shop down town that has a psycic and she wanted to check out some things. Her mom passed away about a month ago and she wanted to see if someone could check to see if she was OK and happy about where ever she was. Seems the psycic was a real young chick and when Pat asked her about what it cost and what she does. She said 75$ to 240$ depending on how much physic energy Pat had and how long it would take her. Pat said thanks and walked out. This was not what she was looking for. Isn't it ironic that Em has just seem a medium and had a wonderful experience and then this topic comes up with Pat. Verrrrrry interesting. Now we need to find someone closer, Em does your lady travel and do some sort of circut? Just a thought.


Anonymous said...
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addict said...

Just around Oregon... I know a great place you could stay!

I would have left if I were Pat too... I mean really, wouldn't she KNOW how much physic energy Pat has by talking to her?
*someone seems to be whispering in your ear, and considering a recent post of yours, I think it would be very enlightening!*

Heather said...

I hope Pat finds the right person. I am amazed that it depends on Pat on how much it cost! OKAY!