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Friday, February 02, 2007

OK, I do believe I have it!

I deleted the huge picture and figured out how to make it the right size, Yea, for me. Cold, cold, cold today. But sun is shining and I survived the big birthday, so life is good.

Been working hard on eating better, so that is my goal for my life now. I am avoiding all processed stuff and white stuff. Eating whole grains, fruits and veggies. Breakfast is a small bowel of Old fashioned oats,(looks like horse oats) with 2 tlb ground flax and 6 olmonds, ground also, with soy milk and equal. That has become my staple to start the day. I should add some fruit yet I believe. Will try adding some frozen blueberries or strawberries. I am trying to eat every 3 to 4 hours. so I make either a protein shake and put in my thermal cup, or scramble 3 egg whites with 2 yolk, and that is my snack for late morning, then a salad with tuna or left over meat about 1pm. Then veggie, salad, and grilled meat for supper. I throw in a yogurt somewhere in afternoon or evening. Been drinking lots more water and less coffee, and cut the ice tea, Have at least one cup of green tea. So it looks like I am eating all the time, I don't get hungry. And I feel good about it. Hubby informed me we are eating out tonite, so I will just have the chicken salad, and a cup of yogurt when I get home with a hot cup of green tea. Also been faithful on the treadmill every morning, or at least 5 times a week.

So that is my anti-aging battle plan. At this stage I am more worried about my health. I have tried other eating plans over the years to try to lose a few pounds but this feels right to me and a better way to eat. It is not called a diet. Just a better way to eat healthy. I took alot of my plan from Bob Green's book. He is the diet guy on Oprah. It is just being more sensible on choices.

Well have a great weekend and keep warm where ever you are. dc

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Anonymous said...

God , you sound so healthy !!!!!now lets put some weight on me . any ideas ???