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Friday, February 23, 2007

SOLD, to the lady in the front row!

I just made my first E-Bay sale!! I listed it one week ago and the auction closed yesterday afternoon. I had put a min. bid of $1.00 on it, and on the second day I got a bid to cover my min. I thought "hey this is OK" No more bids till about 2 min. before my time closed and I got 6 bids and sold it for $3.28 plus the $3.12 for shipping and handling. Of course E-Bay will take a small cut of that but I was excited. Now I see my act. has been paid so will get the book wrapped up and kiss it good-by.

Well gotta run. Have a couple books I want to get listed today!!!

1 comment:

Blue said...

Yee, you're braver than me..
Have lots to sellon e-bay, have bought successfully but have still to pluck up courage to sell.
Well done.