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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bang head, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Do you ever feel that life is just alot of repetition? Last nite as I got into bed, as I had the dog move off the bed onto her own doggy bed, then snuggled down to put my feet in the nice warm spot that she left, I thought to myself that these little rituals repeat themselves over and over. It just seemed like I just did that same act a few minutes ago. Maybe its getting older that makes you aware of this. I don't remember thinking about this when I was young. Maybe our lives settle into to much routine as we get older. Guess that's it.

Maybe that is why my hubby always get excited and starts planning weeks ahead of time when he is planning a hunting trip or just a trip like the one coming up next month, to drive back to Nv. to help his sister get ready to move. Again!. Yes, if I hadn't mentioned it she is moving back here again. I sure hope it will work out for her this time as we just can't keep doing this. I am almost ashamed to say that it has been nice to have her so far away since last July. She does take up alot of my hubby's time and energy. But he has developed alot of patience with her the last couple years, that I sort of admire.

Well those are my thoughts for this Sat. See here it is Sat already, didn't we just do this already??

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