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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Where did my tax refund go??

Lowes got alot of my income tax refund yesterday!! New bath tub, some purty tile for the walls, and accessories to go with the new wall, corner shelves and towel rod to be worked in with the tile and new faucet fixtures and a new hand held shower. Got a pretty tile that is sort of sand colored with little darker flecks and swirls, and the grout is a sand colored. (figured the soap scum wouldn't show up as bad)
When we get that all done will start on a new vanity and sink, not sure if we will continue the same tile for the counter or get a pre-made top. THEN after all that I hope to move on to the kitchen and do the counter with a new sink and faucets.
So there is my project list for this spring. I hope my carpenter will be speedier than when he did the breezeway. But he did an awesome job connecting the house to the garage with this big roof. Hubby says we should put a cross on top and hold services under there!!

Bro. came out yesterday and cut a nice hole in the closet floor and framed in a good access for working under the house. The previous access was this small opening from the outside that would only let a fairly small man to get thru there. You notice I said "man" I'm not going under there!!

Bro. and I are conspiring to do our own renovation while hubby is away in March. You know when the cat is away the mice will play. Going to move all the bedroom stuff out. So I can tear off all the wall paper and rip up the old carpet. Will have to put down new plywood flooring then I want to look at the new carpet squares for a do it yourself project. Anyone had any experience with them? Looks cool. Not the old peel and stick that they used to sell. Then I can take the old closet "shag" carpet out and continue the new stuff thru there. Oh, and hubby really doesn't care. He likes to let me do pretty much what I want with the house, just don't move his stuff around in the garage to much!!! Last time he was gone I sort of cleaned the garage and he claims he can't find stuff. Well just because you aren't tripping over it doesn't mean its not there somewhere.

Spring is on the way. I am ready to get out and dig in the dirt!!

Two fish swam into a concrete wall. The one turns to the other and says "Dam!"

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