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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Reba, Reba

Anyone watch Reba's sitcom? I never saw it when it ran originally, but have gotten hooked on watching all the re-runs now and hate to miss it. I think she is great and sort of my role model. Wish I had her wit and sarcasm. Well maybe I do, but it never comes out when I want it, you know how you always think of the right thing to say about 2 in the morning?? For the most part, I find TV pretty worthless. I could live with out the 100+ channels. Heck you can't find anything to watch most of the time. I end up hitting the discovery channels to see whats on. Some times I think people carry on about alot of the shows just to be part of the crowd.

Well I can now post my pictures thru photobucket, just have to figure out how to have them be a part of my post and not separate like this last pic. of Flossy.
Oh, Flossy is learning to Hee Haw, I have heard her twice now. Her mommy has really sore feet from walking on all the ice and frozen snow, and I caught Flossy trying to coax her to come out in the field with her Sun. We were out trimming big tree limbs in their small pasture next to the house. What a mess. We will be all spring getting all the limbs hauled to where we can burn them. I wish my back would hold up and let me just stay out there all day. I love it. I am a great brush stacker!

Well the sun is shining today and it is nice and warm, like around 60 or more. I like that!!

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