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Thursday, February 22, 2007

What is the Book Lady reading?

I finished 2 books yesterday. Woman on the Edge of Time was very interesting. Didn't end very clear so was a little disappointed in it. Then I finished A Dean Koontz book, The Face of Fear. A good read, not like his other books I have read, It was more like a real mystery with the bad guys chasing the good guys and you know who wins in the end, right? Still reading a Sara Davidson romance, Cowboy. It is my treadmill read for now. A silly romance that isn't bad.
Getting ready to start a Nicholas Evans book. I am sure I won't be disappointed as he is such a great writer. This one is The Divide. I still want to read The Horse Whisperer, I was told that the movie ended much different than the book, so have to read it and see. I caught the tail end of the movie on TV the other night. Oh, that Redford!!

My sister is trying to get me into quilting, I think I would like it and have done a little of it in the past. I could set up a table here in the store and sew between customers, but then how would I read all these books? But I would feel more productive if I did something other than read. So I am thinking I will give it a go. I have been collecting denim pieces for along time as I think I would like a quilt of denim with the seams on the outside all frayed. I saw one in Park City Utah one time that was just awesome. They had stitched pieces of jeans onto some of the blocks, like a belt loop, or pocket.

The weather is teasing us with a little warm up. So glad, as I am anxious to get out in the flower beds and sunshine. But keep the wood box full as it will get cold again I am sure.

Oh, one more thing, I sell my first book on e-bay today. I was surprised I got a bid on it right away. I am getting my feet wet in this areana. Have been ordering books for folks who don't want to do it themselves and I charge a small fee for handling that. It has been working pretty well. I think I have ordered 7 books in the last couple weeks. It is fun to help them find what they want if I don't have it. So I have been taking pictures of books this week so I can post a couple more on e-bay. Wish me luck.


Betty said...

I'll be interested to hear how you like selling books on e-bay. I really need to get rid of some of mine.

Anonymous said...

well...but I don't use e-bay...