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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Whats in your Car?

After this incident with the female astronaut, I got to thinking, Whats in Your Car or Trunk?
If, God forbid you got arrested, what do you haul around in your vehicle that could look incriminating? You know innocent things like duct tape and a rope would look pretty bad. I do carry a small hunting knife in my console, along with some old aspirin, pill bottle full of quarters, plus who know what all else. You know you are never innocent till proven guilty anymore. Well at least I don't carry any pampers.

Donkey update, Our old girl with the sore feet is doing better. Still hurts me to watch her walk. But she goes out into the pasture every day, and the ground is softer now. The farrier came and checked her out and trimmed a little on the hooves, but thinks she just had sore "frogs". That is the part just under the front of the hoof that takes alot of pressure right up into the foot and leg bones. So we are just waiting and will see if she will heal up on her own. They were funny to watch them when it was so sunny in the afternoon, all four of them, the horse and 3 donkeys all flaked out in the pasture like they had all been shot, soaking up the sunshine. All were laying close to each other. We are thinking of selling the horse. He is just to expensive to feed to have him for just a pet. It was an emotional spur of the moment thing to buy him. He is such a sweetheart. I should try to post the video of him rooting hubby's pocket for horse treats.


Betty said...

dc: Thanks for the e-mail. I have been trying to reply, but it has been returned as "undeliverable" twice, now. Any ideas?

KayseaLove said...

I have pictures of my best friends ex boyfriend. ...It's a last minute hiding place when I helped her move from her apartment into her boyfriend’s house. I never took them out. They are basically buried under clothing and art work of a three year old. (My only daughter is turning 5 in 3 days) So yeah- I neglect my trunk a little. (There were dead flowers at one time) I wonder what else is in there. It’s too cold where I live to find out now, so I will wait until the spring and get back to you.

dc said...

Hi kaysealove, thanks for stopping by and making a comment. It is fun to hear from other folks. lol, let me know what you find.

KayseaLove said...

Thanks for the message on my blog. =)

So last night I looked quickly as I stashed my brother and his finance's present inside (another 2 items) and I seen a sandal from summer.

I will keep you posted.